Camiel R. Verschoor

Camiel R. Verschoor is the co-founder and CEO of, an Artificial Intelligence software company focused on finding user-specified objects in aerial data. With his team, Camiel was announced as a Kairos 50 company and nominated for the Startup Award.

Camiel has been passionate about technology from a young age, mastering the computer as a baby. In university, Camiel discovered that new technology is a major driver changing society, and therefore, Camiel is passionate about bridging technology and society, to tackle the global challenges of humanity.

As an tech enthusiast, Camiel is ambitious, curious and thoughtful. Born, raised and lives in Amsterdam, Camiel now sees himself as a global citizen. Camiel owns a Master Degree in Artificial Intelligence of the University of Amsterdam and published several scientific papers. In his free time, Camiel loves to travel, discover new cultures, and try out new gadgets.